ARCPligg Opens Negotiations For Possible Sale

As some of you may have noticed, ARCPligg is going through some changes. Recently, the administration has decided to open ARCPligg up for bidding. You can read more at the following links Mashable & Tech Crunch

Let me elaborate on what this means. In the last year and a half ARCPligg has grown well beyond our expectations and it is getting difficult for the developers to manage the business side of ARCPligg on a daily basis without slowing down development. Which consists mainly of advertising, support, and community management. We’ve seen many online businesses develop products to support ARCPligg recently. Selling everything from custom templates and modules, to support and installation. This should be a clear example of the popularity of ARCPligg. We believe by allowing more seasoned professionals take over the day to day management of ARCPligg, it will allow ARCPligg to flourish into realm’s that we never thought possible.

So what does this mean to you, the “ARCPligg”? Right now, not much, as we’ve just open the channels up for negotiation. Any transfer of ARCPligg ownership could take months. We believe this will bring a vast improvements the the ARCPligg community and allow the developers to continue working on the project uninterrupted.

As of right now nothing has changed. Keep up your ARCPligg and we will update you with any information we get.




Video search engine

The Arcagility video search engine is an index containing millions of video files that are available on the Internet. This index is continuously updated, cleaned and expanded to include the latest videos from the most popular video destinations on the Web. The Arcagility video search APIs provide a programmatic interface to access this index and build applications that feature video search results.All video on INTERNET (YouTube,Facebook,MySpace,Metacaffe….) in this ONE PLACE !!!!!!



Who is toldya!?

ToldYa is a web software company founded in 2007. We are pioneers of Social Commerce (in fact, we coined the term), which can be interpreted broadly as the fusion of e-commerce and social networking. In the most fundamental sense, we are widget developers. We developed the ToldYa Social Commerce Platform™, to enable ourselves and others (advertisers, publishers, merchants and even everyday users) to build, edit, publish and track highly interactive multimedia widgets.

Put simply, a widget is a small, self-contained web application that fits inside a web page, but gets its data from some external source. Widgets and the technologies that drive them have existed for years, but have recently been ignited by social networking sites such as MySpace, YouTube, FaceBook and many others.

The realization of market value and the revenue potential of widgets in the evolving Web 2.0 landscape is the fundamental basis for the development of ToldYa's widgets and our Social Commerce Platform™. ToldYa creates evolved widgets that go far beyond the capabilities - and therefore impact - of traditional forms of web advertising (including other widgets). Every ToldYa widget, for instance, has the ability to show not only text and images, but audio, video, search and more.


Founded in 1996, Shopzilla is a leading comparison shopping service. The company’s mission is to enable shoppers to quickly and easily find compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere. Each month, Shopzilla connects millions of consumers with thousands of stores. In June 2006, Shopzilla attracted over 18.9 million unique visitors according to ComScore. Shopzilla also operates the BizRate consumer feedback network that collects millions of consumer reviews of stores and products each year.

In 2005, Shopzilla was acquired by The E. W. Scripps Company (NYSE: SSP) and is now part of its interactive media division. Shopzilla operates websites serving consumers and retailers in the U.S., U.K., French and German markets.

If you are a retailer, and would like to learn more about how you can partner with Shopzilla, please click here.


More than a screenmate, Virtuagirl is a phenomenon that has unleashed passions for almost 10 years now!
Imagine graceful girls dancing sensually on your Windows desktop. A new girl appears on your desktop every day and it’s totally free!
Virtuagirl enlists the most beautiful girls in the world and they now appear in crystal clear HD quality.
Since 1998, thousands of people have already gathered in fan clubs to share their passion for Virtuagirl!
Today, Virtuagirl is considered to be the best sexy software ever, and with its HD version it will continue to drive millions of men crazy all over the world!
Quick facts
  • The “Original VirtuaGirl” was born in 1998.
  • Since then, our site has recorded 150 Millions unique visitors coming from over 90 countries around the world.
  • VirtuaGirl features over 400 models, including the famous Sunny Leone, Kyla Cole, Aria Giovanni, Anetta Keys, Sophie Sweet, Charlie Laine, Erica Rose Campbell, Nikki Case, Aimee Sweet ...
  • VirtuaGirl is certified 100% clean and contains no bundle, no spyware, no adware, no virus.
  • Virtuagirl benefits from a 24/7 customer service by phone, chat and email.
  • VirtuaGirl is totally free and unlimited, customers only paying to get full nudity.

What are the innovations in Virtuagirl HD?
  • Models now perform in High Definition.
  • VirtuaGirl automatically downloads a new girl every day.
  • Virtuagirl integrates a community of users.

About the company

Our company "Totem Entertainment" was created in 1998 by two engineers of the video game industry and has offices in Europe and in the United States.
Totem's team is made up of a unique combination of people casting, shooting, processing videos, and programming to create the newest innovation in entertainment software and products.
From offices, bedrooms, boardrooms and wherever you can use your laptop, our dancing girls have been seen all over the world.

Windows Vista Screenshots
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Bebo Safety Avatar

Bebo is the next generation social networking service where members can stay in touch with their College friends, connect with friends, share photos, discover new interests and just hang out.

The people who work at Bebo have learned a lot about what makes social networks fun, and believe that with Bebo they've taken social networking to the next level. But, they're never satisfied with where they are today, so if you have an idea on how we can make Bebo even better, please let them know.